Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable department is a unit of the Controller’s Office that is committed to providing quality service to UNC Charlotte faculty, staff, and vendors.  The accounts payable team serves the university community through timely processing of vendor payments, posting of interdepartmental invoices, and responding to customer inquiries. (General Questions and/or Payment Inquiries)
   (Vendor Invoices)

Fax: 704-687-1463


Painter, Jerri
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Phone: 704‑687‑5792
Sischo, Melanie
Invoice Payment Specialist
Chartwells, Bookstore, Interdepartmental
Invoices, Voids, Library, Utilities invoices
Phone: 704‑687‑5790
Westley, Deb
Invoice Payment Specialist
Vendor invoices A through C
Phone: 704‑687‑5381
Melton, Sandra
Invoice Payment Specialist
Vendor Invoices D through K
Phone: 704‑687‑5791
Callaway, Sherry
Invoice Payment Specialist
Vendor Invoices L through Q
Phone: 704‑687‑5817
Thomas, Carolyn
Invoice Payment Specialist
Vendor Invoices R through Z
Phone: 704‑687‑5789
Crump, Lori
Disbursement Specialist
Phone: 704‑687‑5715

Accounts Payable Information

  • If you receive any invoices from a vendor, please forward the invoice(s) via email to Accounts Payable at

  • Accounts Payable has split the purchase order payments between four AP staff members.  The staff member processing the invoice will depend on the first letter of the vendor's name:

    Deb Westley: (A-C)
    Vacant: (D-K)
    Sherry Callaway: (L-Q)
    Carolyn Thomas: (R-Z)

    Melanie Sischo is responsible for Capital Payments, Bookstore Invoices, Library Invoices, UPS, Interdepartmental Invoices, Receiving & Stores, Telecom and Chartwells invoices through 49er Mart.

  • Accounts Payable and Materials Management are working together to improve vendor payment processes.  University vendors will be strongly encouraged to accept payments electronically through direct deposit.  As you work with new vendors, please encourage acceptance of electronic payments.