The Payroll department is a unit of the Controller’s Office that processes all UNC Charlotte payrolls, deductions, and payroll tax withholdings.  This department complies with federal and state laws governing the taxation and reporting of wages.  The payroll team serves university departments and employees through timely and accurate salary and wage payments, time keeping, and leave reporting.  

Note that the following topics are managed by other UNC Charlotte departments. Please see the respective department sites for further information:


Phone:    704-687-5798

Fax:         704-687-1416

Address: UNC Charlotte, Attn: Payroll Department, Reese 3rd floor, 9201 University City Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28223

Diehm, Robyn
Assistant Controller-Tax and Payroll
Phone: 704‑687‑5819
Urquhart, Rebecca
Payroll Manager
Phone: 704‑687‑5795
Ann Plappert
Advanced Payroll Specialist
Phone: 704‑687‑5794
Darity, Renetta
Payroll Specialist
SPA/EPA Fulltime/Permanent Payroll
Longevity Payroll
Special Payments
Phone: 704‑687‑5796
Hamilton, Annette
Payroll Specialist
Annual/Sick Leave
Phone: 704‑687‑5797
Mack, Tahnett
Payroll Specialist
Student Payroll
Dual Employment
Employment Verification
Phone: 704‑687‑5798
Burris, Terrie
Payroll Specialist
Work-Study Students & Grad Students
Non-Student Temp Payroll
EPA/SPA Temporary Payroll
Phone: 704‑687‑5799