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The Payroll department is a unit of the Controller’s Office that processes all UNC Charlotte payrolls, deductions, and payroll tax withholdings.  This department complies with federal and state laws governing the taxation and reporting of wages.  The payroll team serves university departments and employees through timely and accurate salary and wage payments, time keeping, and leave reporting.  

Phone:  704-687-5798
Fax:       704-687-1416

Name Position Phone Email
Tax & Payroll Manager 704‑687‑5819
Payroll Manager 704‑687‑5795
Assistant Payroll Manager 704‑687‑5794

Payroll Specialist

SPA/EPA Fulltime/
Permanent Payroll

Longevity Payroll

Special Payments


Payroll Specialist

Annual/Sick Leave




Payroll Specialist

Student Payroll

Dual Employment

Employment Verification


Payroll Specialist

Work-Study Students & Grad Students

Non-Student Temp Payroll

EPA/SPA Temporary Payroll


Payroll News 

  • Federal & State Withholding Requirements for Employee

    All employees must complete the Federal Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (Form W-4) for federal tax withholding as well as the appropriate state withholding certificate (based on the state in which you live).  The Federal form (Form W-4) and the North Carolina Employee's Witholding Allowance Certificate (Form NC-4) can be found on the Financial Services Forms webpage. 

    Employees should complete new tax withholding forms (Federal & state) in order to notify Payroll of any changes in tax status (i.e. address changes, changes in the number of exemptions, etc.). An employee's current withholding status can be found in Banner Self Service or on their pay stub. 

    Employees that filed a form W-4 in 2013 claiming exemptions from Federal withholding taxes will need to file a new form W-4 with Payroll no later than January 31, 2014. If a new Form W-4 is not submitted, the IRS requires the University to withhold taxes based on the withholding status of Single and Zero (0) exemptions.  The same applies to employees claiming exemptions from State tax withholdings.  In order to claim exemptions from NC state tax withholding, a new form NC-4 must also be filed with Payroll no later than January 31, 2014.

  • MCD Allowance Policy

    Employees utilizing the allowance option III under the Mobile Communication Device policy must complete a Mobile Communication Device Allowance Request Form, route the form for departmental approval, and submit the form to the Payroll department for processing.  New allowance request forms received in the Payroll department by the 3rd of the month will be included in the payroll paid on the 15th of the month.

  • FY13-14 Deduction Information
    FICA                                    7.65%
    State Retirement               14.69%
    Optional Retirement          12.68%
    Law Officers' Retirement  19.69%
    Medical Insurance              $5,285


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