Payroll Fiscal Year End

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Due to the fiscal year end, the UNC Charlotte Payroll Office will only be running one off-cycle "adjustment" payroll in July on July 22nd. 

All new hires and changes that affect employee pay must be fully processed through Banner before June 23rd to be included in the June 30th payroll. Please keep in mind that these deadlines are ongoing (i.e., all HR paperwork should be fully processed at least one week prior to the desired pay date). Hourly employees who log time through Web Time Entry need to submit their completed electronic time sheets NO LATER than the second business day of the month. The time MUST be supervisor approved by 9:00 AM on the fourth business day of the month in order to be paid on the monthly payroll that typically runs on the 15th day. 

Please make sure that this information is shared with all Web Time Entry users, supervisors, and approvers. 

The Payroll Office plans to increase communication efforts this fiscal year about these types of deadlines. Please feel free to contact us with any feedback or questions at or 704-687-1919.