1. I need to order from a specific supplier, but they are not in 49er Mart. How do I handle this?

When you would like to have a specific supplier made available in 49er Mart, the first thing that needs to be determined is whether the supplier is in Banner.  Query for the supplier's name on Banner form FTIIDEN.  If found, send an email to your Purchasing Agent and ask that the supplier be added to 49er Mart.  The Purchasing Agent will review the vendor information and approve or deny the request, sending an email to the user and Vendor Setup. 

If the supplier is not in Banner, send the supplier a Vendor Information Form and ask them to mail or fax the completed form to Travel and Complex Payments.  Travel and Complex Payment's Vendor Setup will work with Purchasing to coordinate the review of the vendor information and request approval to activate the vendor in 49er Mart.  Purchasing will send an email to the user and Vendor Setup to let them know that the request was approved or denied.