28. I have a hold on my account; what does it mean?

There are several different financial holds which can be placed on accounts. Below are the most common types:

RT – Financial Hold

This is a Transcript hold. It prevents the release of a transcript until your account is paid in full.  All accounts with remaining balances will have this hold. This hold does not affect registration.

FB – Previous Balance Hold

This is a Registration hold. It will prevent you from registering for classes until your account is paid in full.  If your account balance is to be paid by a third party or scholarship that has yet to be received, you can contact our office directly by phone at 704.687.5506 or by email at studentaccounts@uncc.edu and we will review this hold.

FR – Return Check

This is a hold which is placed on an account when a payment is returned due to insufficient funds or another reason.  This hold will remain on an account until the returned payment amount, plus the $25.00 returned check service charge, is paid in full. This hold WILL PREVENT registration.