3. I've entered a second receipt for the same items by mistake. How do I delete the second receipt?

Please see the instructions for Reopening a Receipt, which include the option to delete or change the receipt after it is reopened.

Reopening a Receipt

If a receipt should be deleted or the quantity needs to be changed, it can be reopened as long as an invoice has not been processed against the Purchase Order.

**Note:  This option is only available for receipts created after 07/24/2011.

  1. Open the Receipt document to be deleted or changed.
  2. Press Reopen Receipt.
  3. Press OK when the “Are you sure you want to reopen this receipt?” message appears.
  4. Enter a reason as to why the receipt is being reopened and send email notifications if desired.
  5. Press Reopen Receipt.
  6. Receipt can now be deleted or changed.