6. I need to add an attachment to a Requisition that I've already submitted; how do I do that?

Once a Requisition has been submitted, changes can be made to it if it is Returned to the Requestor or Withdrawn and then recreated.

  • You can access the PR Approvals tab to view the next pending Approver and request that they Return the Requisition for you to make the changes (add the attachment).
  • You can contact the IT Service Desk (75500, help@uncc.edu) and they can forward the request to Financial Systems Support, who can then Return the Requisition to the Requester.
  • You can use the Available Actions option to Withdraw the Requisition, then Copy to New Cart, make the changes and add the attachment) and Place Order.
  • Attachments can also be added to Comments on Purchase Requisitions (PRs) and on Purchase Orders (POs).