How do I determine whether an invoice should be processed using a Direct Pay Request (DPR) Form or through 49er Mart using either the After-the-Fact (ATF) Purchase Form or the Non-Compliant Purchase Form?

Use a DPR:*

  • For transactions handled through the Travel and Complex Payments or Accounts Payable offices, such as honoraria and utility payments.
  • To reimburse an employee or student for incidental out-of-pocket purchases made.
  • When a vendor does not take a purchase order (and is therefore not activated as a vendor in 49er Mart) and the University needs to issue payment to a company before the goods or services are provided.

Use an ATF Purchase Form:**

To facilitate payments of goods and services procured in accordance with University Purchasing policies, but under circumstances where it was not possible for a purchase order (PO) to be issued beforehand.  Examples of when this form should be used:

  • For purchases of goods needed in a true emergency situation.
  • For a repair service where there was no way to know the final cost until it was completed.  The resulting PO will NOT be distributed to the supplier so there is no risk of order duplication.  The completed ATF form requisition will be routed to Materials Management for review and once approved, a PO will be generated in 49er Mart to pay the invoice.

DPRs and ATFs may not be used:

  • To avoid adherence to the University's procurement policies or other purchasing guidelines.
  • To order products or services that can otherwise be ordered through normal 49er Mart processing.
  • For payments that can otherwise be made with a P-card, e.g., registrations, subscriptions, advertisements and membership dues.

Use a Non-Compliant Purchase Form:***

To purchase goods or services where the end user (Originator) made a commitment prior to Materials Management issuing a purchase order.  These purchases are a violation of University policy and will be reported accordingly.  Non-Compliant purchases that are not approved by Materials Management must be paid for by the individual responsible for the purchase or the goods must be returned to the vendor.  Reimbursement to employees should not be made using this form.


*This information is also referenced in the Purchasing Policy
**Per the ATF Form instructions
***Per the Non-Compliant Purchase Form instructions