• Direct Pay Request
    This form is used to make payments to individuals (e.g., payments to independent contractors, honorariums).

    (Last Updated: 02/23/17)
  • Food, Beverage, and Amenity Expense Documentation

    This form is intended to substantiate the tax treatment and appropriate fund source of certain expenditures that support the University's mission, but need additional documentation to support the business purpose. This form must accompany any type of payment request (e.g., Purchasing Card, 49erMart Requisition, Direct Pay Request) where one of these types of expenditures are made. This form must be opened in Microsoft Excel and contains Macros. Remember to select "Enable Content."

    (Last Updated: 07/27/17)
  • Mileage & Parking Reimbursement

    Please note that the IRS Standard Business Mileage rate changed, effective January 1, 2017.

    (Last Updated: 07/07/17)
  • Missing Receipt Affidavit

    (Last Updated: 12/10/14)
  • Moving Expense Reimbursement Form
    Note new rates effective 1/1/17

    (Last Updated: 01/10/17)
  • Receipt Page
    This document should be used when receipts are being submitted to Travel & Complex Payments.  Receipts should be taped within the indicated borders.

    (Last Updated: 12/10/14)
  • Third Party Lodging Authorization Request (Non-hotel lodging)

    (Last Updated: 07/10/17)
  • Travel Advance

    Travelers who are unable to pay for certain out-of-pocket expenses before reimbursement may request a travel advance. This workbook also contains a "Meal Allowance Log." Departments must obtain approval from the Travel Office before the event takes place in order to use this log for a travel advance. 

    (Last Updated: 06/30/17)
  • Travel Authorization eForm 

    This is an optional eForm version of the Travel Authorization that departments may choose to use for the individual, group, or blanket travel instead of the Excel version of the Travel Authorization. View this article for more information on the eTA. 

    (Last Updated: 05/23/17)
  • Travel Forms Package

    This package contains the Travel Authorization Form, Request for Travel Reimbursement, Travel Reimbursement Checklist, and a Group Travel List. There are also form instructions; rates reference tab and a related web links tab. 

    (Last Updated: 09/19/17)
  • Vendor Information Form

    (Last Updated: 01/10/17)
  • Vendor Maintenance Form
    Use this form to correct or add a vendor address for vendors that have already been setup in Banner.

    (Last Updated: 05/26/17)