Admin Forum and Admin Chat Room Group

As an administrative employee, you will find there will be procedures you will be unfamiliar with and questions you will not know the answer to or whom to ask.  Human Resources offer workshops through the Program for Administrative Certification (PAC) where you will obtain knowledge of various policies and procedures needed to assist you in your position.  We strongly encourage you to consider participating in this program.  In addition to these workshops, we offer an administrative support group which meets monthly and is available to support your continued training needs. 

The purpose of the group is to communicate to all administrative employees new procedures as they develop, to open up communication for the administrative employees to voice their needs, and for everyone to share their best practices with each other.  See Calendar for future dates. 

Admin Chat Room Group

A listserv has been created called ADMIN-CHAT-ROOM.  It is a tool to help administrative employees keep in touch with each other, and in addition to Inside UNC Charlotte, will be used to announce changes in procedure, etc.  You may also utilize it to ask questions to all administrative employees on campus. 

The email address is: ADMIN-CHAT-ROOM-GROUP@UNCC.EDU

If you are not on the list serve and wish to be, please contact Julie Hughes, Karen WorthyCarol Hartley, Pamela Hickman or Tonya Thompson.