Student Accounts

The Student Accounts department is a unit of the Controller’s Office that provides quality account management service to students, parents and alumni by proactively assisting them in meeting their financial responsibilities for attendance.  The Student Accounts department is comprised of five functional areas:

  • Student Accounts Specialists serve as the point of contact for customer questions and concerns.  This team coordinates student billing and assists customers with billing charges and disputes.
  • Cashiers office staff are responsible for collecting and recording student payments and departmental deposits in compliance with University policies and procedures.
  • Third Party Billing staff bill third party agencies on behalf of students whose attendance is sponsored by a corporation, non-profit agency, military agency, or international embassy.
  • Collections staff are responsible for collecting past due student account receivables.  The Collections team also provides counseling to Perkins Loan recipients and assists students with the repayment process.


At UNC Charlotte, we want to help you manage your money and get through college without racking up unnecessary debt.  Living for the here & now is over... Saving for the future is in.  So check out our new Manage Your Money website and learn to budget smarter, keep more cash in your pocket, and become financially stable throughout your college career and beyond.

Important Dates for Spring 2016:

January 06, 2016    First Payment Due Date/Cancellation for Non-Payment 
                               (Full payment due for charges incurred on or before this date)
January 11, 2016    First day of class
January 21, 2016    Second Payment Due Date/Cancellation for Non-Payment
                                (Full payment due for all charges incurred after January 6)  
January 21, 2016    Last day to drop a course(s) with no charge 

Start of Term Brochure for Spring 2016

*Students who wish to drop ALL courses for which they are registered must withdraw from the university to avoid academic or financial responsibility.  Review the Withdrawal Refund Schedule and Withdrawing from UNC Charlotte website for more information.