Tax season is here!  To view your electronic 1098T click here.

If you didn't signup to receive your 1098T electronically it will be mailed on or before January 31,2017.

 In order to receive your 1098-T electronically, you must consent to electronic delivery before December 31.  

  • Login to the My UNC Charlotte portal
  • Select the "Make a Payment", under Financial Resources
  • Read the consent form and click "Accept Consent" to agree to receive your statement through online delivery (if the consent form does not popup automatically, select "My Account" then "Agreements" then change to the Paperless option. 

To view, print, and download your 1098-T Tuition Statement online:

  • Login to the My UNC Charlotte portal
  • Select the "Make a Payment" under Financial Resources
  • Select “View 1098-T Statement"
  • Select "View" beside the tax year

Authorized Users may also view your 1098-T statement electronically if you grant permission.   To grant your authorized users access to view your 1098-T tuition statement:

  • Login to the My UNC Charlotte portal
  • Select the "Make a Payment", under Financial Resources
  • Select “My Account” and then Select “Authorized Users”
  • Select "Edit" in the column titled ACTION on the far right side
  • Select "YES" to Would you like to allow this person to view your 1098-T Tax Statement?
  • Select "Update User"

Authorized Users can log into the Authorized User Portal at https://ecom.uncc.edu/C21561_tsa/web/login.jsp

To view and print prior year 1098-T:

  • Login to the My UNC Charlotte portal
  • Select “My Student Account”
  • Select “Tax Notification (1098-T)”
  • Enter a Tax Year and click “submit”

1098-T Information

The Taxpayer Relief Act (TRA) of 1997, enacted by Congress and the President, created two new tax benefits for families who are paying for higher education. There are also benefits for people who are repaying student loans. Whether you may take advantage of the tax credits depends on your individual facts and circumstances. UNC Charlotte cannot provide tax advice, only confirm and explain what we have reported.

Contact your tax consultant to determine if you are eligible for the tax credits or visit the Internal Revenue Service’s web site . IRS Publication 970 “Tax Benefits for Education” is also a good resource for information on this topic.

The 1098-T form will inform the student or taxpayer of the possibility of a tax credit for payment of eligible tuition and fees under the guidelines of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. This form is informational only and it is the taxpayer's responsibility to determine eligibility for this tax credit.  

***Please note that the 1098-T reports amounts BILLED, not PAID, and most Spring 2016 tuition and fee charges were billed in 2015.  Therefore, they were reported on your 2015 1098-T.

The 1098-T show qualified tuition and fees billed to you during the calendar year as well as scholarships or grant aid applied to your account during the year.  The 1098-T provides part of the information you may need to claim education tax benefits that may be available to you.  

Contact Information

If you have any general question, please contact our 1098-T Servicer, Heartland ECSI, at www.ecsi.net/bwr/contacts.html to chat with a live Customer Service Representative or you can call them at 866-428-1098 to speak with a representative.


Frequently Asked Questions for 1098-T