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Understanding your bill. We want your finances to run smoothly, so you can focus on your academics.


Billing for all charges is coordinated by the Student Accounts Office. The University does not mail paper bills. An electronic billing statement, or eStatement, will be created in early July for the fall semester and early December for spring semester. Students will receive an email notification at their campus email address. The eBILL reflects all charges and credits on the student’s account as of the date the bill was created.  To view the most current student account information (subsequent charges and payments), the student can log into, select Make a Payment/View Account, select View Account Activity.

Additional information on the use of tuition at UNC Charlotte is available at 2015-2016 Tuition Bill Statement.  This statement provides details for the UNC Board of Governors approved fees only.  For a list and description of both UNC Board of Governors and UNC Charlotte's special and miscellaneous fees go to explanation of required fees.   In addition, please note that the rates are on an annual basis for a full-time student.

When is my bill due?
Payment is due the Wednesday before classes begin each semester.  Students are responsible for making sure that the amount owed is paid by the due date whether or not a bill is received.  Failure to receive an official university bill and/or e-notification does not relieve any student of financial responsibility for payment by the due date.

View and pay your eStatement

1. Login to
2. Select Make a Payment/View Account, under Financial Resources
3. Select eStatement at the top of the page.
4. Under Most Recent Billing Statement, select Pay on the right side of the page.
5. Select Make a Payment
6. Enter amount and Continue
7. Select Payment Method, and continue through the payment process.

What does a negative balance on my eStatement mean?
If the amount of financial aid disbursed is greater than your charges, then you will see a (-) negative balance on your account. This means a refund will be paid to the student. Refunds will begin to be issued a couple of days before classes begin.  Students may use this refund check to purchase books or for other expenses.

Financial Aid (Title IV) Authorization
If you are receiving financial aid you may want to complete the Financial aid Titile IV Authorization.  To learn more see our listing of Frequently Asked Questions

Changes after the bill
The eStatement is a snapshot of a student’s charges at the time the bill was created. Any additional charges which are added after the billing date will not appear on the eStatement. New charges and credits can be viewed at, select Make a Payment/View Account, select View Account Activity. Similarly, additional financial aid added after the eStatement can be seen only on the Account Summary.

Billing and Aid
The eStatement will also reflect the student’s “estimated financial aid.” Estimated aid includes the total aid which the student has accepted. Students must login to My UNC Charlotte and accept the awards they have been offered to ensure that those funds are included as estimated aid.

Authorized Aid is accepted financial aid, including loans that will post to your account.  Disbursed Aid is the total amount of aid that has credited to your account.

How much do I pay?
If the total charges exceed the estimated aid, the student must pay the difference before the due date. If the aid exceeds the charges and there are no outstanding charges from a previous semester, the bill should reflect $0 in the “Pay This Amount” field and the student can expect a refund of the excess aid.

Health Insurance
Please allow three weeks for your submitted health insurance waiver to be processed.  If the approved waiver is not reflected on your bill, you can substract the premium charge from the amount due before making payment or enrolling in a UNC Charlotte payment plan.  For more information regarding health insurance.

Prior balances
Financial Aid can only be used to pay for charges during the designated term. So any prior semester balance that is owed must be paid before the billing due date. Even if the current semester’s aid will generate a refund, the student must pay prior term charges out of pocket before the billing due date.

What is the cancellation policy for courses?
The university requires that account balances be paid in full by the due dates in order to avoid cancellation of courses at the beginning of the term. Full payment is defined as: complete payment of tuition, fees, and charges; payment of the difference of all charges less offered financial aid; or enrollment in a UNC Charlotte payment plan that will cover the total balance. If your account balance is to be paid by a third party or scholarship that has yet to be received, you can contact Student Accounts directly by phone at 704.687.5506 or by email at before the payment due date and we can review your account.

Consider Adding an Authorized Payer.
Will someone other than yourself (i.e., your parents) pay your bill? If so, then they will need your written permission to have access to your account. To add an Authorized User, log into 49er Express, select “My Records”. In the yellow box at the top left, select “Make a Payment” and “Authorized Users” tab (at the top of the page). Authorized Users get notifications for balances due on your account .  Authorized Users get notifications for balances due on your account.  An Authorized User can view the student’s eStatement by logging into the Payment/Billing Suite.

EStatement Dates and Payment Due Dates:

The following is the tentative billing schedule.  This schedule is subject to change. 

Academic Year 2017-2018

Academic Year 2016-2017

Academic Year 2015-2016

Academic Year 2014-2015

Academic Year 2013-2014

Academic year 2012-2013

Academic year 2011-2012

Academic year 2010-2011

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