Payment Policy

The university requires that account balances be paid in full by the due dates shown on your eBill in order to avoid cancellation of courses at the beginning of the term.  If payment is not received as defined below by the payment due date for the term, classes may be cancelled.  Ultimately, it is the students' responsibility to officially drop all of their classes, housing and meal plan, if they decide not to attend UNC Charlotte.  Please be aware of our withdrawal schedule and check the important links on the Withdrawing from UNC Charlotte website to be sure that you have completed all of the appropriate notifications. 

The below action is required to prevent your classes from being subject to our cancellation policy. 
Full payment is defined as:

  • Complete payment of tuition, fees, and charges
  • Payment of the difference of all charges less offered financial aid
  • Enrollment in a UNC Charlotte payment plan that will cover all charges

Fall 2017

August 16, 2017          First Payment Due Date/Cancellation for Non-Payment 
                                  (Full payment due for charges incurred on or before this date)

August 28, 2017          Second Payment Due Date/Cancellation for Non-Payment
                                   (Full payment due for all charges incurred after August 16)

*Students who wish to drop ALL courses for which they are registered must withdraw from the university to avoid academic or financial responsibility.  Review the Withdrawal Refund Schedule and Withdrawing from UNC Charlotte website for more information.