Student Refund Replacement Request

You may wish to request a replacement check if you:

  • Were issued a refund check but never received it or received it and have subsequently lost or destroyed the check.
  • Replacement refunds can only be requested after 15 days from the date of the original check to allow time for delays due to mail delivery.  

If you are eligible for a replacement refund login and complete the Student Refund Replacement Request.

  • If you are requesting your refund be reissued to direct deposit,  please verify the correct direct deposit information is in Banner prior to submitting this request.  Students can enroll or make changes to direct deposit by logging into and selecting ‘Direct Deposit Enrollment’ under the Financial Resources section.
  • Please note requests for replacement refunds will not be accepted until 15 days after the date the original check was issued to allow time for delays due to mail delivery.  Once the stop payment process is completed, the original check will be cancelled and a replacement check or direct deposit can be issued.  Please allow 7-10 days to receive your replacement refund.


If fraud is suspected (e.g., altered check, forgery, direct deposit tampering), please contact immediately to investigate.