Third Party Billing

The Third Party Billing unit of Student Accounts assists students whose attendance at the University is sponsored by a third party such as state and federal agencies, international embassies, military agencies, employers, or other organizations that agree to pay all or some portion of a student’s bill. The office prepares and sends invoices for tuition and other costs as specified by the third party.

Student Responsibility

Students sponsored by a third-party have certain responsibilities to fulfill in order to have the third-party sponsorship applied to their student account. The student:

  • must provide a valid authorization from their sponsor prior to the payment due date
  • is responsible for paying any balance not covered by the third-party agency
  • is responsible for renewing their authorization when needed

Authorization Letter/Financial Guarantee Requirements

The authorization is a document in which the third-party agency commits to pay designated education expenses for the student. 

The authorization must include:

  • the student’s name and UNC Charlotte ID number
  • the semester or dates being covered – if the authorization is to cover more than one semester, the effective date and expiration date should be included on the authorization; otherwise a new authorization must be submitted each semester
  • specific charges covered, i.e., tuition, fees, housing, meal plan, parking permit, books, etc.
  • any minimum/maximum amount the sponsor will pay
  • the name of the sponsor, contact information and complete mailing address
  • a signature and date from an authorized official
  • how and where invoices should be submitted, i.e., postal mail, email, fax

The authorization should be submitted to:

UNC Charlotte
Attn: Student Accounts/Third Party Billing
Reese Bldg 2nd Floor
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte, North Carolina 28223

NOTE: If for any reason the sponsor does not pay the invoice, the student will be liable for full payment of all charges incurred.

Important Things to Know

  • Upon receipt of a valid authorization, a “defer to third-party payment” flag will be placed on the student’s account to prevent cancellation of the student’s registration in anticipation of the pending third party payment. Any charges that the third party sponsor has not agreed to pay, i.e., parking fines, health center charges, etc., must be paid by the student before a “defer to third-party payment” flag can be placed on the student’s account to prevent cancellation of the student’s registration.
  • We begin invoicing third party sponsors after the add/drop date has passed.  Due to the number of third party sponsors that are invoiced, please allow up to three weeks after the drop/add date each semester for invoices to be submitted to the third party sponsor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Third Party Billing located on campus?

    Third Party Billing is a part of Student Accounts and is located in the Reese building on the 2nd floor.

When do you invoice the third party sponsors?

    We begin invoicing third party sponsors after the add/drop date has passed.

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