Budget Office

Who manages my fund?

  • For General Fund funds (100000 - 119999), contact the Budget Office at extension 75779 for assistance.
  • For Auxiliary, Student Extracurricular Activities, and/or Student Fees funds please contact the Budget Office at extension 78657 for assistance. This includes funds: 134xxx, 135xxx, 3xxxxx. 

A complete list of Budget Office Contacts can be found here.

What are the fringe benefit rates?

For general fund budgeting purposes, the University's portion of benefits associated with a full-time position for FY18-19 are:

  •  FICA (Social Security): 7.65% of salary
  •  State Retirement: 18.86% of salary
  •  Optional Retirement: 13.25% of salary
  •  Law Officer's Retirement: 23.86% of salary
  •  Medical Insurance: $6,104 per year

These rates are subject to change annually.




How do I move an employee’s salary expense to another fund?

If you are moving a SPA position (and/or the employee in that position) to a different fund number(s) on a permanent basis, you should use the "modify position description" (with or without budget change) function in HRMS.

If you are moving or split-funding a Graduate Student, Faculty or EPA Staff member's appointment to a different fund number(s), you should prepare a superseding AA-29 or PD-7.  Academic Budget and Personnel Procedures Handbook