Controller's Office

University's Cash Management Plan

North Carolina law, Chapter 147-86.10 of the General Statutes, requires that "all agencies, institutions, departments, bureaus, boards, commissions and officers of the State...shall devise techniques and procedures for the receipt, deposit, and disbursement of monies coming into their control and custody which are designed to maximize the interest-bearing investment of cash and to minimize idle and nonproductive cash balances."

Out-of-State Employees

UNC Charlotte Strategy: physical location of workforce

  • UNC Charlotte has a strong preference for a North Carolina workforce. Hiring preference should be given to employees living and working in-state when all other factors are equal.
    • As a North Carolina entity, UNC Charlotte has a responsibility to provide NC public sector jobs when possible.
    • This applies to students, including graduate assistants, and temporary employees.

UNC Charlotte Moving Expense Procedures


Moving expenses for new hires at UNC Charlotte can either be reimbursed using State funds or provided via an allowance using Discretionary funds. These procedures outline the difference between the two methods and how to request a reimbursement or allowance. All moving support from the university is fully taxable to employees.


Fund Sources1

Only one of the following two types of funds may be used to pay for moving expenses: