Purchasing Card Program

Bank of America's New P-card Reissue Process

Bank of America recently improved their p-card reissue process related to third-party data compromises. Account holders potentially impacted by third-party data compromises will be able to safely continue using their current card while waiting for a replacement card to arrive on campus for distribution. When a compromised card is replaced, account holders will receive notification along with their new card explaining why the card was reissued and the date the current card will deactivate.  

P-card Spending Limits Updated

As of June 2, 2016, the following transaction limit changes are in effect in accordance with state statute and purchasing guidelines(1) as noted in the P-Card Manual:

  • Standard Profile transaction limit is $2,500; for purchases of lodging and transportation, the limit is now $5,000.

  • Hospitality Profile transaction limit is $2,500; for purchases of lodging, meals and transportation the limit is now $5,000.