Travel and P-card Updates

Originally published 12/18/19; updated 12/19/19; 12/20/19; 1/09/20; 1/10/20

As you may already know, the Controller’s Office has been reviewing the effectiveness of several processes and forms over the past eight months (many inspired by YOU!) and have identified enhancements that will make some travel, complex payment, and p-card processes easier to navigate and more effective. These changes will go into effect Jan. 2.

New Imaging Document Submission TCP eForm

We recently made a change to how you can send documents to the Travel Office. Now you can quickly and efficiently submit documents electronically to Travel using the Imaging Document Submission (IDS) Travel & Complex Payments (TCP) Invoices eForm.

The IDS TCP Invoices eForm replaces the need to use interoffice mail to send printed materials and speeds up submission and processing time. Documents appear in the Imaging System queue almost immediately after they are submitted.