49er Mart: eCR replaces ATF Jan. 2

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

After-the-fact (ATF) purchases transitioned to electronic check requests (eCRs) in 49er Mart starting Nov. 7th. The ATF form will no longer be available in 49er Mart starting Jan. 2, 2019.

What’s changing:

  • Departments should begin using the eCR form to make payments that were previously processed using an ATF form.

More information about the eCR form:

  • There is no purchase order or encumbrance created in Banner (non-PO integration) and no receiving is required.
  • Once the final workflow approval step is completed, the payment is automatically processed
  • The Approval workflow process includes:
    • The same departmental, Purchasing Office, and other applicable approvals as other requisitions with some exceptions, e.g., transactions using Grant Funds (Fund = 5XXXXX) where the amount is > or = $50, will be reviewed by Grants & Contracts Approvers.
    • Accounts Payable (AP) is added on the requisition approval steps for eCRs.
      • AP reviews the attached invoice to compare/verify the data entry, such as supplier invoice number and amounts.
      • Attachments - cannot contain confidential information (i.e., personally identifiable information like credit card and social security numbers).
    • Payment terms are listed as net 25 at the supplier level unless the terms have been revised for the supplier. End users should key the actual invoice date listed on the invoice and the invoice due date will be calculated based on the vendor terms and the date of the invoice. Contact Vendor Relation for supplier payment term changes.

Note: Users should not use the eCR for Chartwells ATFs at this time. All Chartwells items should be submitted using the non-catalog form noting the date of the event in the Product Description field. Please reference the Chartwell’s instructions in Canvas



Email the 49er Mart System Administrator at 49erMartSupport@uncc.edu.

We realize this is a significant change for some departments/units, and we will provide resources (both human and system) to guide you successfully through this transition.