49er Mart Project Updates

Friday, June 7, 2019

Originally published 5/21/19; updated 6/7/19, 6/18/19, 6/25/19, 10/22/19

Over the past two years, Financial Services has been working on several new 49er Mart initiatives that will decrease processing time and enhance the user experience as a result of eliminating paper processes and adding electronic workflows. Below is a summary of these initiatives. As these projects are finalized, this page will be updated to reflect any changes, so please check back often.

Electronic Check Request (eCR) Form

Starting with FY20 (July 1), you will use the eCR Form in 49er Mart instead of a Direct Pay Request (DPR) paper form for everything except non-payroll payments to employees and students, which will mainly encompass reimbursements for expenses incurred by employees/students for university business purposes and which are not related to travel.

What this means for you

  • Suppliers may need to be added in 49er Mart before eCRs can be initiated.

Rollout timeline

  • Starting July 1, 2019, you will use the eCR Form in 49er Mart instead of a Direct Pay Request (DPR) paper form for payments to non-student/non-employee vendors.
  • eCR Form will be mandatory starting August 1.
  • As part of this transition, the DPR paper form will be accepted until July 31 and you can start using new Employee & Student DPR (ESDPR) for employee and student reimbursements (coming soon!).

Electronic workflow and other benefits

  • Approvers do not have to learn a new system.
  • There is campus-wide visibility to payment status.
  • Automated email notifications are sent by the system alerting approvers and initiators to the status of their request.
  • Ability to designate substitute approvers.
  • No receiving is required because there is no purchase order or encumbrance created in Banner (non-PO integration).
  • Supplier information pre-populates once the supplier is in 49er Mart.
  • Chart of Account data (fund/account) are selectable.
  • Forms/Requisitions can be copied.
  • Once the final workflow approval step is completed, the payment is automatically processed.
  • The approval workflow process includes:
    • The same departmental, Purchasing Office, and other applicable approvals as other requisitions (with some exceptions).
    • Accounts Payable (AP) is added on the requisition approval steps for eCRs.
      • AP reviews the attached invoice to compare/verify the data entry, such as supplier invoice number and amounts.
      • Attachments cannot contain confidential information (i.e., personally identifiable information like credit card and social security numbers).

As a reminder, the eCR Form replaced ATF (After-the-fact) purchases Jan. 2, 2019.

Amazon Punch-out Catalog

The University has established a single, master business account with Amazon and all future orders should be placed by making use of the Punch-out catalog in 49er Mart.

What this means for you

  • Users will need to register for the new UNC Charlotte Amazon Business Account (in-person training sessions and training resources like FAQs will provide details on how to convert your current Amazon business accounts to the UNC Charlotte business account).
  • Existing personal Amazon business accounts will be moved under the University’s master account the first time you log into the punch-out catalog.
  • Similar to the existing punch-out catalogs that are available in 49er Mart.

Rollout timeline

  • Starting July 1, you will use the Amazon Punch-out catalog for all Amazon purchases.

Supplier Portal

The supplier portal will result in a supplier onboarding/self-service portal within 49er Mart. This is a supplier portal only (not a user portal). Users will be able to search for suppliers in 49er Mart as they do now.

What this means for you

  • The supplier portal will replace paper vendor forms (Vendor Information Form, Vendor Maintenance Form, Foreign National Information Form, Direct Deposit Form) as well as the Independent Contractor Checklist eForm.
  • The supplier portal is a self-service portal for suppliers to input their vendor information directly in 49er Mart.
  • Departments would send a “Request to Invite” to Vendor Relations, who would review the request and, upon approval, send an “Invitation” to the supplier.
    • The process would remain the same to look up vendors before sending a Request to Invite to ensure they do not already exist in Banner.
    • For supplier changes, the department would still send a “Request to Invite.”

Rollout timeline

  • The supplier portal is expected to be available in spring 2020.

Benefits -- no more paper and electronic workflow

  • More efficient.
  • Campus-wide visibility to vendor setup status.
  • Email notifications.
  • Individuals do not have to snail mail or fax forms.

We realize these are significant changes for some departments/units, and we will provide resources (both human and system) to guide you successfully through this transition.


Monthly 49er Mart Forums and training sessions are scheduled to assist users with this transition. Dates, times and locations are on the Financial Services calendar.
Registration is required for all sessions, as detailed below.

Registration is open and required for the Amazon Punch-out and eCR training sessions and the 49er Mart Forums on the Human Resources Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) website. Log in using your UNC Charlotte NinerNet credentials and select Forum from the registration menu.

There will continue to be monthly 49er Mart Forums on the fourth Thursday of each month where we will be reviewing these and other 49er Mart initiatives. 

If you desire one-on-one or departmental training for your area, please contact the 49er Mart System Administrator.

49er Mart System issues: Email the 49er Mart System Administrator, Denice Ferguson, at

ESDPR form questions/feedback: Email travel@uncc.edu

Thank you to everyone across campus who has contributed to the success of these initiatives. We are grateful for your time, feedback, and commitment to making this new process successful in each of your areas.