49er Mart Request to Invite New Suppliers is Live!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Originally published 4/20/20; updated 4/27/20

Financial Services has been working with Financial Systems Support and Information Technology Services to add an online self-service portal for vendor onboarding and maintenance in 49er Mart. Onboarding vendors has been a manual paper-based process. The 49er Mart supplier portal will change that. The supplier portal will allow a supplier to register through this self-service portal within 49er Mart. All campus users will be able to request, directly in 49er Mart, that new suppliers be added (“invited”) or updated.


The supplier portal invite/update request process became available April 27, 2020 in 49er Mart.

You can now start using the “Request New Suppliers” or “Existing Supplier Update” forms in 49er Mart to start inviting suppliers to the supplier portal.

A huge thank you to the first pilot group this spring, which included staff from Athletics, the College of Education, and Safety & Security.

Benefits for you -- no more paper and electronic workflow

  • Less processing time. The supplier portal will replace paper-based vendor forms that require manual processing (vendor information, vendor maintenance, vendor foreign national information, vendor direct deposit forms) as well as the Independent Contractor Checklist eForm.
    Paper forms will be accepted through June 30, 2020, and will be made available upon request after that to users who are unable to login to the portal.
  • More efficient. Vendors set themselves up! Vendors will be able to provide and update their information directly in 49er Mart.
  • Invitation only. Departments will be able to submit a “Request New Supplier" to invite suppliers via 49er Mart, which Vendor Relations will review and, upon approval, send an “Invitation to Register” to the prospective supplier.
    • The vendor lookup process will remain the same. Before a request is sent, a lookup should be conducted to make sure the vendor does not already exist in Banner.
    • For supplier changes, the department would submit an “Existing Supplier Update” request.
  • Campuswide visibility to vendor setup status.
  • Email notifications. Automated email notifications will be sent to departments and vendors to keep them informed of the setup and update status.
  • Individuals do not have to snail mail or fax forms. Built-in electronic workflow will allow Vendor Relations, Purchasing, and Tax to review and approve information before activating a new vendor or updating an existing vendor’s information.


49er Mart Forums will continue to be held on the fourth Thursday of each month. The supplier portal and other 49er Mart initiatives will be discussed and questions will be addressed. 


Email the 49er Mart System Administrator, Denice Ferguson, at 49erMartSupport@uncc.edu.