Bank of America P-card Chip and Pin Enhancement

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bank of America Merrill Lynch announced an enhancement to their chip and PIN card capabilities. Effective May 17, 2017, every new chip card issued to UNC Charlotte account holders will allow the opportunity to customize the 4-digit PIN.

Key Points around the Self-Select PIN Enhancement 

  • The Self-select PIN enhancement is available to account holders as they are issued a new or replacement chip card. This new option is fully integrated into the automated card activation process.
  • Until an existing account holder is reissued a new chip card, their existing PIN will remain unchanged, and they are still able to view their PIN within the Global Card Access website.
  • Account holders will need to retrieve the following key account information from the Purchasing Card Office staff when picking up new cards
    • Verification ID
    • Phone number on file for the account holder
    • Billing statement zip code

What to expect

  • The chip card itself and the way a chip card transaction is done at a merchant will be unchanged.
    • Account holders should always be prepared to enter their PIN.
    • In a few instances, for the very first transaction, after the account holder sets their PIN, they might need to re-enter their new PIN a few times for it to take full effect.
  • After an account holder receives a new chip card, they will have the ability to change or reset their PIN at any time they need to by calling the Global Card Services number listed on the back of their chip card.

If you have questions regarding this enhancement or need assistance, please call the purchasing card office at 704-687-5763.