Coming Soon - Financial Transaction Request (FTR) eForms

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Coming Soon!

The Controller’s Office is now pleased to announce that Journal Vouchers (JVs), Cash & Checks Deposit Forms, Interdepartmental Invoices (IDIs), and FUPLOADs will be moving to Perceptive Content 7 (C7) and Banner Workflow  as a new eForm: Financial Transaction Request (FTR)!  These forms will be used for all funds on campus.

The university currently uses Perceptive Content 7 (C7) (formerly ImageNow) and Banner Workflow for its enterprise document imaging and workflow systems.  Both are supported by the Imaging and Workflow Team within Information Technology Services.  Some of you may already be familiar with current imaging eForms and workflow processes that have helped make daily business operations more effective and efficient, and information sharing easier, including the Credit Card Book Receipt (CCBR), Student Educational Awards (SEA) Form, and Grant Fund Setup.

How Soon?

FTR functionality is currently in the development phase with testing scheduled to begin in February.  More communications are to come with specific details on form instructions and training opportunities planned throughout March!  The new FTR forms are expected to be released during the month of April, after which paper-based JVs (which includes Journal Entries, Book Receipts, and Book Disbursements), Cash & Checks Deposit Forms, IDIs, and FUPLOADs will no longer be processed.

Benefits & Functionality

Users will be able to create and submit various types of FTRs electronically.  This paperless process promotes greater efficiency and accuracy through online approvals and automated posting.  Real-time access to data and documentation through C7 provides flexibility and transparency of information for researching and monitoring purposes.  Below are a few of the functionalities that support these benefits, as well as a diagram that shows the high level workflow.

Data Integrity, Validation & Automated Fields

The FTR forms will only allow valid information from Banner tables to populate fields (e.g. 800#, fund, account).  Fund and account titles will automatically populate to aid user accuracy.

Template Creation Ability

Users will be allowed to save a template of their FTR form content (i.e. for frequent entries).  Users will be responsible for keeping track of assigned template IDs.  Anyone may use the template ID once it’s created.

Department Approver Designation

Although the FTR “Approver” field will default to the user's direct supervisor, users will have the ability to change the field to a designated approver specified by the department's internal procedures. (i.e.College Research Officer)

Mass Journal Entry

A .CSV template may be attached to the FTR request to be used to upload large journal entry requests.. This eliminates the need to move FUPLOAD files to the FTP server.

Supporting Documentation

The FTR forms allow attachments to be uploaded with each submission.

Approval Workflow Transparency

FTRs may be searched within C7 using a unique identification number generated upon the submission of a valid request, or using key fields (e.g. Preparer, Approver, Fund).  C7 allows the user to view the FTR’s workflow status on a real time basis.

Note: the Department Approver will be bypassed for IDIs and Payment Book Receipts (PBR).  The PBR will replace the current CCBR and be used to process credit card payments.  In future phases of this project, this form will also be used to process all cash and check deposits.


How can you be prepared?

A FAQ site has been developed to provide updates during the transition.  Additionally, training sessions will be scheduled during the month of March 2016 to provide hands-on guidance for using the new eForms.  

We understand this comes at a time when a lot of changes are happening. Thank you for your patience as we commit to making this transition as smooth as possible!

Thank you,

Ron Sanders, Associate Controller


FAQ I Journal Voucher l Interdepartmental Invoice l Deposit Form for Cash & Checks l FUPLOAD Approval Request Form

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