Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Friday, March 26, 2021

Originally published 5/6/20; updated 6/9/20, 7/13/20, 9/3/20, 11/18/20, 12/18/20, 12/22/20, 1/11/20, 2/26/21, 3/26/21

This article will continue to be updated regarding University-sponsored travel restrictions that went into place due to the coronavirus in March 2020 .


  • University-sponsored travel --  This is travel by faculty, staff, or students that is paid for by UNC Charlotte. This includes travel arrangements paid for in advance and travel reimbursements.
  • Future University-sponsored travel considerations
    • In accordance with UNC System guidance, all non-essential University travel is suspended, unless otherwise authorized by the Chancellor or her delegate, except in instances involving public safety and health, job requirements, economic development opportunities, and emergency situations related to the custody and/or care of persons for whom the state is responsible. If using discretionary funds, exceptions may be granted. 
    • Effective Friday, March 26, 2021 at 5 p.m. per NC Executive Order No. 204, all in-state gatherings of more than 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors for meetings and events (unless and exception to this standard is granted), and all travel outside the state continue to be suspended unless an exception is authorized by the Chancellor or Provost. To request an exception for travel, please complete this form. University P-cards should not be used to pay for registration fees, flights, or accommodations unless an exception has been granted.
    • Departments and/or grants may have travel guidelines that are more restrictive than the University. Please consult your business officer and/or research administrator prior to making travel arrangements to determine allowable expenses in the case of trip cancellation/disruption.
  • Departments are responsible for covering cancellation expenditures -- The funding source for costs incurred related to University-sponsored travel that has been canceled due to COVID-19 is not expected to change. It is the department’s responsibility to cover any cancellation expenses or fees (including sunk travel costs). Follow the University’s Travel Manual guidance, specifically in Section II.1.6, Cancellations, regarding charges related to canceled travel. As always, continue to exercise care in incurring expenses and treat University funds as if they were your own. Consult with your area business officer regarding any department-specific guidelines and restrictions.

Any changes in COVID-19 trends and other related guidance impacting University travel expenditures will be communicated and this article will be updated.