eCR replaces DPR & Amazon Punch-out live!

Monday, July 1, 2019

The electronic check request (eCR) and the Amazon Punch-out catalog are live. The eCR replaced the Direct Pay Request (DPR) effective July 1 and will be mandatory effective August 1. For additional project details, reference the 49er Mart Project Updates news article.

Starting today, you can access 49er Mart forms from the “Showcases” area on the home page.

Amazon Punch-Out

Important! Before you register for an Amazon Business account, please review the registration FAQ listed on the Amazon Business FAQ sheet and follow the appropriate scenario that reflects your existing Amazon account setup based on alias and non-alias email addresses. Also, reference the first time user registration guide.

The Amazon Punch-out catalog is located in the Specialty section of the 49er Mart Home/Shop page.

eCR reminders

Start using the Employee & Student Direct Pay Request (ESDPR) form to make non-payroll payments to employees and students, which will mainly encompass reimbursements for expenses incurred by employees/students for business purposes and which are not related to travel. The original DPR form will be accepted until August 1, but we strongly recommend beginning to use the new ESDPR starting today.

You can submit the ESDPR and any attachments using the Imaging Document Submission (IDS) form in the University's Imaging system similar to how you submit DPRs now. The IDS document type name will remain "Direct Pay Request."

Payments that should not be processed using the ESDPR form:

Monthly 49er Mart Forums and training sessions are scheduled to assist users with this transition. Dates, times and locations are on the
Financial Services calendar. Registration is required for all sessions, as detailed below. 

Registration is open for the Amazon Punch-out and eCR training sessions and the 49er Mart Forums on the Human Resources Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) website. Log in using your UNC Charlotte NinerNet credentials and select Forum from the registration menu.  

If you desire one-on-one departmental training for your area, please contact the 49er Mart System Administrator. 


49er Mart System issues: Email the 49er Mart System Administrator at

ESDPR form questions/feedback: Email