Financial Transaction Request (FTR) Enhancements

Friday, October 6, 2017

‘Experience’ FTRs in a New Light

The Controller’s Office is pleased to announce forthcoming enhancements to the existing Financial Transaction Request (FTR) forms made possible by the recent Imaging and Workflow upgrade from Java-based Perceptive Content to the new web-based version called ‘Experience.’

When are these enhancements effective?

User testing will occur during the month of October with a target release date of mid-November.

What’s changing?

Flexible Browser usage You are able to use any browser! No more Java and browser restrictions when approving a task in Perceptive Content! Click on the email link in any browser (ie. Chrome, Edge, Safari, FireFox, IE), even on your mobile device.
Responsive screen resolution The screen resolution of documents has been improved for easier viewing. The image adjusts to the size of your device.
Front-end validation eliminates submission error notifications Form requirements (i.e., Hash Total may not be zero) will be validated before the form is allowed to submit, with the exception of ‘Mass’ entries. Errors will appear on the screen next to the first field error and must be corrected before you can submit or save as a template.
Templates Users will still be able to use previously saved templates.
User-friendly functionality
  • Specific lines may be deleted instead of only being able to delete lines from the bottom up.
  • Fund and account titles will scroll when the cursor is placed on the field.

  • A new lookup feature allows you to select approvers by typing their name.

Additional Department Approver (Optional) Users can add an additional designated approver as specified by the department's internal procedures. (i.e., College Research Officer).
Direct feedback upon rejection Task approvers will now have only two choices: ‘Approve’ or ‘Deny.’ If denied, the approver can add comments, which will be included in the email notifications to the Initiator and previous approvers.

Testing - How You Can Help?

We invite everyone to participate in testing, especially those of you who may have internal processes or daily routines impacted by these enhancements. The Imaging and Workflow Team are currently finalizing the enhanced forms in the TEST system.

  • Testing will begin the second week of October, providing the rest of the month to acclimate to the new forms and test that they are working as expected. TEST System links are now available on the Imaging and Workflow - General Accounting forms page.

  • Feedback will be collected over the next three weeks of October via to allow enough time for any necessary changes before the target release date.  

  • Open Swims Sessions will be offered to assist you with testing and provide training.  

    • Dates: October 9 - October 27 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

    • Times: 10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm

    • Location: CHHS 386

    • Facilitator: Vonda Lee,  - Imaging & Workflow Business & Technology Application Specialist

Please email FTR questions related to journal entries, interdepartmental invoices, and payment book receipts to