Hospitality profile available for all P-card users

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Effective September 1, 2015, the hospitality profile option is available campus-wide.  This option allows for the purchase of food and beverages with the University-issued purchasing card (P-card).  An important exception is travel-related meals for which the traveler is otherwise entitled to reimbursement at state subsistence rates.

This new payment method for food will eliminate the need for reimbursements of out-of-pocket food expenses previously submitted by Direct Pay Requests.  Accountholders may purchase administrative meals, off-campus catering, food supplies and food from Outtakes and campus food service vendors for events they are hosting.

All purchases will continue to be subject to funding requirements per the State Budget Manual and University Policy 601.8.  Food generally cannot be purchased with state funds, so departments that add the hospitality profile will need to identify discretionary funds or other authorized non-general funds that may allow for hospitality purchases.  For full details and requirements, review the UNC Charlotte Purchasing Card Manual and referenced policies.

Current accountholders may apply for the profile by submitting a P-card Change Form (select "Change Spend Control Profile" and choose "Hospitality").  New accountholders may apply for a P-Card by submitting a P-Card Application and Agreement Form.

All forms can be found at the P-card website.  Submit all forms electronically to for processing.  Direct questions or feedback to Annette Heller, P-card administrator, at 704-687-5763 or email at

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