Kronos Time & Leave System University-wide Roll-out

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Goodbye, Paper. Hello, Kronos Timekeeping System!

Change is in the air and we’d like to be the first to formally welcome you to Kronos Workforce Ready (WFR).

UNC Charlotte is rolling out Kronos WFR as the timekeeping system of record for its leave-earning employees. Kronos has been approved by the Chancellor and the Cabinet for campus-wide roll-out, which is expected to be complete by or near the end of fiscal year 2016.

Thank you to all of the areas that participated in the Kronos pilot over the past year. User feedback led to many system enhancements, modifications, and process improvements to meet campus timekeeping needs. We appreciate your time and commitment to making Kronos successful in each of your areas and keeping the Kronos Project Team informed about opportunities for improvement. We’ve learned so much throughout this process!

The Kronos Timekeeping Project and FAQ sites are great resources to answer questions as you get started.

Why are we adopting an electronic time and leave reporting system?

Many reasons! Including:

  • Elimination of paper-based inefficiencies

    • A paper-based system requires faculty and staff to fill out and store more than 40,000 pieces of paper each year.

    • An electronic system eliminates paper, double-data entry, and weaknesses related to physical routing and storage.

    • Kronos represents one more step in fostering a ‘green’ culture at UNC Charlotte and helping faculty and staff take part in ongoing sustainability efforts.

  • UNC Charlotte is governed by federal and state human resource regulations, which are sometimes complex. An electronic system allows the University to:

    • Record and report key employee data like compensatory time and leave requests.

    • Improve data integrity and accuracy.

    • Provide consistent interpretation and administration of policies (e.g., related to on-call, call-back, and premium pay).

Why are we requiring FLSA non-exempt employees to clock in and clock out?

  • To protect the more than 1,200 employees covered under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). FLSA exists to ensure that employees are compensated fairly and adequately, including for time worked in excess of the 40-hour work week.

  • Accurate time recording protects the employee by ensuring that they are adequately compensated for time worked and the University by ensuring that we comply with Department of Labor regulations.

Students and temporary employees will continue to use Banner Web Time Entry.

An implementation schedule is being developed and will be shared as soon as it’s been approved. Those already using Kronos will continue to do so. Direct questions to

We understand this is a big change. Thank you for your patience as we commit to making this transition as smooth as possible for all!

Paul D. Forte, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance

Gary W. Stinnett, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources