Moving Expense Reimbursements/Allowances Update

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) changed its policy on moving expenses in July 2018. The moving expense procedures and related forms have been updated to reflect the policy change.

What’s new

  • State funds can be used to reimburse new employees for their moving expenses incurred in certain circumstances. There are many requirements associated with using state funds, including pre-approval by the department head or designee, limitations on what can be reimbursed and approval of the reimbursement by the Chancellor.
  • Previously, only discretionary funds could be used to pay for new employee moving expenses. (Note that “state funds” generally encompass all departmental fund sources except discretionary funds.)

What this means

  • Starting Jan. 2, 2019, departments will be able to use either state funds to reimburse new employees for moving expenses or discretionary funds to provide a moving allowance for new employees. The breadth of requirements to use state funds will cause the reimbursement process to take more time than the allowance process, as reimbursements require receipts, audit by accounts payable and approval by the Chancellor.
  • We are working with the ITS Imaging Team to develop e-forms that can accommodate the required approval and payment processes.
  • A new Moving Reimbursement Pre-Approval Request Form and Moving Expense Reimbursement/Allowance Form are available.
  • New procedures are published. Please review these in detail before submitting any moving forms.
  • Note that all moving expense reimbursements/allowances will continue to be taxable to employees, per IRS law.


We appreciate your patience and the feedback many of you have provided as this process has evolved over the past year.