New COVID-19 Expense and Revenue Accounts

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Originally published 4/3/20; updated 4/20/20, 5/21/20

The following table summarizes how to capture COVID-19 financial impacts.

For... Use... Examples and notes
COVID-19 service expenses Account 951770 Proctoring software subscription needed for courses that were previously face-to-face and are now online; COVID-19 cleaning services
COVID-19 supplies/materials Account 932310 COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for campus; work-from-home supplies needed for employees who normally don’t telework and are required to because of COVID-19 disruptions; COVID-19 equipment/assets that cost less than $5,000
COVID-19 sales/services refunds Account 104010

Housing, dining and parking refunds

Note: Do not use this account for tuition/fee refunds or revenue that was never earned to begin with

All other COVID-19 financial impacts, including estimated lost revenues and sunk costs Coronavirus Financial Impact Google Form

Lost revenues: Estimated revenue not earned because of COVID-19 disruptions during the summer

Sunk costs: travel costs for trips that were canceled due to COVID-19 and not recoverable

Also, if you are purchasing a fixed asset (generally, the cost is $5,000 or more) related to COVID-19, use the normal fixed asset account and submit the expense via the Google Form

Related notes:

  • Expenses already coded to the COVID-19 expense accounts above? No further action is needed. You do NOT need to also submit these expenses via the Coronavirus Financial Impact Google Form.  

  • Mandatory onsite personnel expense account -- A COVID-19 personnel expense account, 914590, was created for any mandatory onsite hours paid. This account will automatically be connected to mandatory onsite hours submitted in Kronos; no action is needed on your part

  • Travel expenses -- We have not set up separate accounts to track COVID-19 related travel expenses. If you have travel expenses for cancelled trips, continue to use the existing travel expense accounts (see the “Rates” tab in the travel forms package). Any distinct cancellation fees incurred can be coded to 951770.

Thank you for your continued diligence in tracking COVID-19 financial impacts.


Anne Brown, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance