New Imaging Document Submission TCP eForm

Friday, October 19, 2018

We recently made a change to how you can send documents to the Travel Office. Now you can quickly and efficiently submit documents electronically to Travel using the Imaging Document Submission (IDS) Travel & Complex Payments (TCP) Invoices eForm.

The IDS TCP Invoices eForm replaces the need to use interoffice mail to send printed materials and speeds up submission and processing time. Documents appear in the Imaging System queue almost immediately after they are submitted.

IDS Document Submission Guideline

Allowable IDS TCP Invoice Document Types


  • If a document is submitted through IDS, DO NOT SUBMIT A HARD COPY via campus mail. Submitting payment requests more than once could be considered fraudulent activity. While data standards are in place to mitigate risk, if an overpayment occurs, the submitting department will be responsible for working with the payee to resolve an overpayment and collect any monies owed to the University.

Note: At this time, you may still send in hard copies instead of using the IDS eForm. However, using the IDS eForm is the more efficient submission method.

  • Submit one form and the supporting documentation per submission (e.g., one TRER and related support documentation like agenda, receipts, etc.).
  • Departments should retain any hard copies of forms submitted for at least 10 days after the date electronically submitted to TCP.
  • Contact TCP to check the status of a payment. Do not use the IDS eForm to "check the status of a payment;" the IDS process is only a way to submit documents to TCP for processing. 



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