Travel and P-card Updates

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

In our ongoing effort to review and streamline processes, a new travel form has been developed for you, and the travel receipt requirement and IRS mileage rate has been updated. Specifically:

  • Travel Reimbursement and Expense Report (TRER) receipt requirement: Only receipts for reimbursable expenses not paid for with a P-card must be submitted with the TRER. All expenses paid by p-card no longer require the receipt to be attached to the TRER.
    • Enter the transaction number (TXN) of all P-card payments associated with the trip as prompted on the TRER. You can obtain the TXN from the Bank of America’s Works system once all P-card transactions have posted. Additionally, the TXN must be reconciled in Works (receipt uploaded, allocation complete, and comments provided). The Travel Office will review the receipts, allocation, and comments in Works as needed.
  • Effective January 1, 2019, the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) updated the Travel Policies and Regulations section of the State Budget Manual to reflect the new IRS mileage rate, which impacts all individuals who travel on University business.

  • Mileage and Transportation Reimbursement (MTR) Form: This new form replaces the Mileage and Parking Form and makes it easier for you to enter amounts for parking, light rail passes, and ride-sharing services, and calculates the appropriate mileage rate based on the mileage entered.

On the horizon

  • The P-card Reference Guide - coming soon! Your one-stop reference for an overview of allowable and unallowable expenditures by category and spending profile. This guide also contains a helpful comment, receipt, and flag reminders that will help you avoid and resolve common issues. This guide will also include the P-card reconciliation document.
  • P-card distribution - more information forthcoming! For now, continue to pick up new P-cards as directed by the Purchasing Card Department.

Resources impacted

​​These new state policies are effective as of Jan. 1, 2019. The Travel Office will accept the previous version of the travel forms until Mar. 1. However, use of the new travel forms is highly encouraged for any travel occurring after Jan. 1, and adjustments may be needed to comply with the new policies if old forms are submitted. Any old forms submitted after Mar. 1 will be returned to be re-completed on the new forms.

Should you have any questions after reviewing this information and the updated resources, please email the Travel Office at