Travel and P-card Updates

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Originally published 12/18/19; updated 12/19/19; 12/20/19; 1/09/20; 1/10/20; 9/22/20

As you may already know, the Controller’s Office has been reviewing the effectiveness of several processes and forms over the past eight months (many inspired by YOU!) and have identified enhancements that will make some travel, complex payment, and p-card processes easier to navigate and more effective. These changes went into effect Jan. 2.

Travel Updates
Form/Process What's New/Benefits
Travel Delegated Authority (DA)

Going forward, the Controller’s Office will assess the effectiveness of the program at least annually to determine amendment opportunities.

Entertainment Expenditure Form
Replaces the Food, Beverage, and Amenity Expense (FBAE) form

Note: The FBAE form will be accepted through Jan. 31, 2020; beginning Feb. 1, only the Entertainment Expenditure Form will be accepted.

  • Only needed for entertainment expenses that support the University’s mission but may be of a personal nature (e.g., meals and entertainment) and that require additional documentation to support the business purpose.
  • Yes to fewer attachments!
    • The form will not be required for Chartwells catering orders. An agenda/attendee list will still be required to help justify the business purpose.
    • The form will also not be required for gifts, awards, prizes, and sponsorships.
  • No need to provide additional, repetitive information.
    • If this form is required and includes a list of attendees/agenda, you do not need to provide the same information elsewhere (e.g., in p-card comments).
    • For informal meetings (e.g., donor relations), information included on the form can substitute for an agenda if the meetings are properly explained with regard to the “5 Ws”: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
Missing Receipt Affidavit (MRA)
  • Don't have all the details? No problem! You will now only be required to complete this form for actual missing receipts instead of receipts that lack all of the details required, as long as the payee includes the “5 Ws” (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) in the p-card comments or on the reimbursement request (e.g., TRER, ESDPR).

Note that the Travel or Purchasing Card staff may still request that the payee attempt to obtain a more detailed receipt or otherwise document that a more detailed receipt is unavailable. 

IRS Mileage Rate
  • IRS mileage rate updated. Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the IRS business standard mileage rate is 57.5 cents.
P-card Updates
Process What's New/Benefits
Comments in Bank of America Works System
  • Faster and easier comment requirements. Comments will no longer be required if the receipt that is uploaded covers the “5 Ws”: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

Departments may continue to include comments for internal departmental recordkeeping purposes, but as long as the P-card Office can verify the “5 Ws” from the receipt, they will no longer require a comment. Specifically, Grants and Contracts related p-card purchases will still require comments in the Bank of America Works System. Please consult with your business officer to determine what comments your department will require to be included.

  • Less is more. If a comment is necessary, it only needs to include the missing pieces of the “5 Ws” information.
  • Add a detailed comment instead of completing a Missing Receipt Affidavit. If the receipt is generic in nature (no real detail beyond the amount charged), the cardholder should add comments in Works to relay the “5 Ws” instead of completing a Missing Receipt Affidavit.
Sales & Use Tax Exemptions
  • No flags if you make an effort to get exemption honored. If the cardholder acknowledges they accept the tax and/or tried to get the sales tax exemption honored, the P-card Office will not flag the transaction. They may still add a comment notating that other vendors who accept our exemption are available for future related purchases.

Reminder: All travelers should ask that sales tax be removed from hotel bills. Follow this FAQ.


Travel Reimbursement and Expense Report (TRER) receipt requirement: Only receipts for reimbursable expenses not paid for with a p-card must be submitted with the TRER. Make sure you enter the transaction number (TXN) obtained from the Bank of America Works system for all p-card payments associated with the trip, as prompted on the TRER.

Mobile Wallet: The use of mobile wallet with university p-cards is strictly prohibited. A mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that stores payment card information on a mobile device.


Join us for an informal p-card Works navigation training and Q&A session on Fri., Jan. 10, 2020, 10 am - 12 pm in CHHS 342. For details visit the Financial Services website

Resources Impacted

These resources were updated and/or released in Jan. 2020. A reminder communication was sent in early January. 

We know many of you have waited for a long time to see some of these changes be implemented. Your views and experiences have been instrumental in helping us successfully transition to these revised processes and resources. A separate communication was sent in January 2020 when these initiatives went live. 


Email Amy Hisler, Associate Controller-Accounting and Disbursements, at