49er Mart: eCR replaces ATF Jan. 2

   January 2, 2019

After-the-fact (ATF) purchases transitioned to electronic check requests (eCRs) in 49er Mart starting Nov. 7th. The ATF form will no longer be available in 49er Mart starting Jan. 2, 2019.

What’s changing:

  • Departments should begin using the eCR form to make payments that were previously processed using an ATF form.

More information...

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Moving Expense Reimbursements/Allowances Update

   December 19, 2018

The Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) changed its policy on moving expenses in July 2018. The moving expense procedures and related forms have been updated to reflect the policy change.

What’s new

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New! Receipts emailed for cash/check deposits

   November 14, 2018

Starting Nov. 15th, when you submit a completed Cashier's Deposit Form for Cash and Checks, a receipt will be emailed to the preparer based on the preparer’s UNC Charlotte ID number provided in the...

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New Imaging Document Submission TCP eForm

   October 19, 2018

We recently made a change to how you can send documents to the Travel Office. Now you can quickly and efficiently submit documents electronically to Travel using the Imaging Document Submission (IDS) Travel & Complex Payments (TCP) Invoices eForm.

The IDS TCP Invoices eForm replaces the need to use interoffice mail to send...

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Use Your P-card on

   October 15, 2018

You can now use your purchasing card (P-card) when making University purchases on the new online NinerTech Computer Store! This site does not allow for tax-exempt purchases. You must enter a discount code to remove the sales tax on...

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New Gift Certificate Live!

   July 10, 2018

You can now create a gift certificate that will be considered tangible personal property (and not cash) by following the guidelines in the updated Gift Cards/Gift Certificates, How to Pay procedures.

As a reminder, the Gifts, Awards, and Prizes policy (...

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Non-sufficient funds check fee

   June 27, 2018

If your department receives and deposits checks, please note the following related to non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges.   

What’s changing and when?

Effective July 1:

  • A $25 fee from the University’s bank will be passed on to departments for NSF checks...

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Employee Training Expenses Definitions Clarified

   June 20, 2018

Minor updates were made to clarify the use of account codes for employee training expenses.

What’s been clarified

  • Fees to attend workshops, conferences, seminars, and webinars, regardless of relation to work duties...

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Travel Office Restructure effective July 1

   June 5, 2018

The disbursements area will be restructured effective July 1. This change allows us to further strengthen our commitment to providing customer-focused services to campus.

What’s changing

  • Julie Hughes (current Travel Supervisor) will transition to...

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“TR” now Travel Reimbursement & Expense Report (TRER)

   May 29, 2018

To clarify the intended use of the travel reimbursement form, we updated the name to Travel Reimbursement & Expense Report (TRER); formerly, Request for Travel Reimbursement (TR). No other changes were made to this form, and it is still tab 2 in the ...

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