P-card Spending Limits Increased!

   May 18, 2018

As of May 15, 2018, the following transaction limit changes are in effect in accordance with state statute and purchasing guidelines and as noted in the Purchasing Card (p-card) Manual:

  • Standard Profile transaction limit is $5,000 for all general purchases and $25,000 for all travel related purchases, including airfare, hotel/lodging, and transportation/rental cars.
  • ...

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Policy Update: UP 602.11, Gifts, Awards, and Prizes

   May 11, 2018

University Policy 602.11 (formerly 101.18), Gifts, Awards, and Prizes, related guidance, and forms were recently updated as follows:

  • Added a definition of "tangible personal...

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Wire Transfer FTR eForm Live!

   May 7, 2018

The wire transfer form has gone electric!

What’s new

  • Starting today, you will use the Wire Transfer FTR form to process outgoing wire transfers from the University. This form should be used to send payment when it is not possible to send a check or ACH payment...

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Travel forms & manual updated

   April 9, 2018

We recently made minor updates to the travel forms and the travel manual, as follows:

Travel Forms Package and Travel Advance Form

  • The rates tab was updated to reflect a fund number change for Travel Advances. To avoid deposit errors, and to ensure you are using the correct mileage reimbursement rates, please make sure you are using current travel forms....

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Giving Back

Giving Back

   March 23, 2018

This year our team volunteered at the Second Harvest Food Bank. This volunteering opportunity was rewarding as well as challenging because the Second Harvest Food Bank serves as a regional distribution warehouse. As a distribution warehouse, it supplies food and grocery items to many charitable agencies and because of this, there was a huge amount of food and goods for us to check and organize...

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CATS all-access transit pass and light rail ticket purchases with University funds

   March 5, 2018

In conjunction with the arrival of the light rail on March 16, we have developed guidelines related to allowable purchases using University funds for CATS all-access transit passes and individual light rail tickets. We have created FAQ pages that will provide you with information on these new guidelines:

  • ...

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Jan. 1 Mileage Rate & OSBM Travel Related Policy Changes

   February 7, 2018

Effective January 1, 2018, the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) updated the Travel Policies and Regulations section of the State Budget Manual to reflect new IRS mileage rates and modify other OSBM travel-related policies, which impact all individuals...

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Fund Clarification - Marketing & Development Standard for Allowable Expenses

   January 10, 2018

Minor revisions have been added to clarify the Appropriate Use of University Funds Marketing and Development Standard (see Standard A, “Advertising,...

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New Personnel Recruitment Ads Account Code

   January 4, 2018

There is a new account code for Personnel Recruitment Ads. Please start using Banner Account Code #928385 - Personnel Recruitment Ads as needed per the description and examples below. The Expense Account Code Descriptions...

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Electronic W-2 benefits and mailing address verification

   November 9, 2017

Originally published November 9, 2017; updated 10/24/2019

The tax filing season will be here before you know it! GO GREEN by signing up for electronic delivery of your Form W-2! As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability and efficiency, UNC Charlotte will continue to offer an electronic delivery...

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