Jan. 1 Mileage Rate & OSBM Travel Related Policy Changes

   February 7, 2018

Effective January 1, 2018, the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) updated the Travel Policies and Regulations section of the State Budget Manual to reflect new IRS mileage rates and modify other OSBM travel-related policies, which impact all individuals...

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Electronic W-2 benefits and mailing address verification

   November 9, 2017

Originally published November 9, 2017; updated 10/24/2019

The tax filing season will be here before you know it! GO GREEN by signing up for electronic delivery of your Form W-2! As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability and efficiency, UNC Charlotte will continue to offer an electronic delivery...

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Update Forms W-4 & NC-4 online

   October 18, 2017

You can now update your federal and state employee withholding allowance certificates (Forms W-4 and NC-4) via My UNC Charlotte.


  • Simplify. No more paper forms to complete or deliver; you can update your withholding information at your...

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Financial Transaction Request (FTR) Enhancements

   October 6, 2017

‘Experience’ FTRs in a New Light

The Controller’s Office is pleased to announce forthcoming enhancements to the existing Financial Transaction Request (FTR) forms made possible by the recent Imaging and Workflow upgrade from Java-based Perceptive Content to the new web-based version...

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Make sure your employees enroll in direct deposit

   August 1, 2017

If you are or will be supervising employees, we ask that you help them hit the “easy” button by providing them with direct deposit enrollment instructions and incorporate this time-saving method into your area’s existing hands-on employee training. As a reminder, per University Policy 601.2...

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Appropriate Use of Funds Policy & Standards (UP 601.8) Revised

   June 13, 2017

A revision to University Policy 601.8, Appropriate Use of University Funds, was approved by the Chancellor in May 2017. The following is what you need to know:

  • Defined terms within the policy have...

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Bank of America P-card Chip and Pin Enhancement

   May 24, 2017

Bank of America Merrill Lynch announced an enhancement to their chip and PIN card capabilities. Effective May 17, 2017, every new chip card issued to UNC Charlotte account holders will allow the opportunity to customize the 4-digit PIN.

Key Points around the Self-Select PIN Enhancement...

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Electronic Forms (eForms) Update - May 2017

   May 19, 2017

The Controller’s Office, Human Resources, and the Information Technology Services (ITS) Imaging Team continue to develop new eForms for campus use, and are pleased to announce the following new eForms:

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Bank of America's New P-card Reissue Process

   January 4, 2017

Bank of America recently improved their p-card reissue process related to third-party data compromises. Account holders potentially impacted by third-party data compromises will be able to safely continue using their current card while waiting for a replacement card to arrive on campus for distribution. When a compromised card is replaced, account holders will receive notification...

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New Guidelines for Orders for Change (bills and coins)

   July 28, 2016

As part of our efforts to make processes more efficient for all faculty and staff, we have been able to reduce petty cash and change funds across campus by 50% over the past fiscal year. This strengthens our internal controls over cash management while maintaining a reliable method of payment for small dollar amounts in the p-card. We plan to continue efforts to reduce the need for cash across...

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