Chartwells Services and Catering

As of January 6, 2011, Chartwells Services and Catering is being processed through 49er Mart.  Step-by-step instructions on this process can be accessed via Canvas.

Below are a few items to keep in mind when processing Chartwells transactions.

  • As soon as you have your contract from Chartwells, the requisition in 49er Mart should be created.
  • The Chartwells contract should be attached to the Chartwells requisition in 49er Mart as an external attachment in pdf format.
    • If you are having problems converting the contract to pdf format, the IT Service Desk (7-5500) can assist with this.
  • The Food, Beverage, and Amenity Expense Documentation Form (FBAE form) should be attached to the Chartwells requisition as an internal attachment.
    • The FBAE form does not require physical signatures when attached in 49er Mart.  The workflow approval process in 49er Mart replaces the manual signature approval requirement.  The requester and approver will be responsible for the information provided on the form and the approval workflow will serve as the signatures for this form.
  • Receiving in 49er Mart is required for Chartwells orders and should be done once the service is completed.

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