How do I move an employee’s salary expense to another fund?

If you are moving a SPA position (and/or the employee in that position) to a different fund number(s) on a permanent basis, you should use the "modify position description" (with or without budget change) function in HRMS.

If you are moving or split-funding a Graduate Student, Faculty or EPA Staff member's appointment to a different fund number(s), you should prepare a superseding AA-29 or PD-7.  Academic Budget and Personnel Procedures Handbook

If you are moving an Undergraduate Student to a different fund number, prepare a superseding Student Temporary Wage Appointment Form.

If you are moving a Non-Student Temporary Employee to another account number, prepare a superseding PD-17.

If you are "releasing" an employee to perform work on a grant, please contact Contracts & Grants for appropriate forms and budget approval.

NOTE:  Above instructions for superseding paperwork are only applicable for the current fiscal year.  To move salary expenses in a prior fiscal year, you must submit a journal voucher.