Floral Arrangements, How to Procure and Pay

Payment method:


If the purchase of floral arrangements is allowable as outlined in the policies referenced below, the preferred method for purchasing floral arrangements is to use a University-issued Purchasing Card (P-Card) (purchase must be under the card limit and must not conflict with any contractual agreement).

Other allowable methods include:

  • Use 49er Mart and purchase as a non-catalog item
  • Submit a reimbursement request

Note:  Refer to University Policy 601.8, "Appropriate Use of University Funds" to confirm if this is a permissible use of funds for your area. 

Rationale and other considerations:

Flowers or other similar items may be presented as an expression of sympathy, for example, in the event of the death or major illness of an employee, a member of the employee’s family or household, or as an expression of congratulations (for example, in the event of a wedding or birth of a child of an employee).  Because the P-Card allows for an improved approval and prepayment process, it is the preferred purchasing method for buying such items.

How to do it:

  1. Review Policy 602.11 (link below) to confirm the allowability of the purchase and obtain supervisor approval. 
  2. The floral gift may then be purchased using a P-Card. 

Last updated 9/14/18, 6/03/19