Memberships, How to Pay

Payment method:


The preferred method for paying for memberships to professional associations is to use a University-issued Purchasing Card (P-Card).

Other allowable methods include:

  • Submit a Electronic Check Request (eCR) only if payee does not accept a credit card
  • Submit an Employee & Student Direct Pay Request (ESDPR)

Rationale and other considerations:

The costs associated with professional memberships related to an employee's job duties may be allowable.  The decision on allowability is based on the requirements in OSBM Budget Manual Section 4.7.4, "Membership Dues" (see link below).  Generally, OSBM requires that membership dues paid from state funds are 1) approved by the employee's supervisor and department head or designee; and 2) for the benefit of the University, not the individual.  Because the P-Card allows for an improved approval and payment process, it is the preferred purchasing method for such transactions.

How to do it:

  1. Review the resources below to confirm the allowability of the purchase and obtain supervisor/department head approval. 
  2. The membership fee may then be paid using a P-Card. 
  3. For memberships paid via General Funds, documentation must be uploaded into Works that shows department head approval and attestation that the membership is for the benefit of the University, not the individual.

Contact for additional questions:

Send an email to the Purchasing Card mailbox at; or refer to the Purchasing Card website.

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