Mobile Communication Devices (MCDs) - University-owned

NOTE:  Mobile Communication Devices (MCDs) include cellular (cell or mobile) telephones (including cell phones with two‐way “push‐to‐talk” communication capability), smartphone devices (e.g., iPhone, Android), tablets (e.g., iPad, Samsung Galaxy), PDAs, pagers, wireless cards, and any other device that enables mobile electronic communication and has associated service plan costs.

To obtain a University-owned MCD with associated service plan costs, the department's Financial Account Manager (FAM)* should:
  • Log into ARCHIBUS:
  • Click on “Asset Management” in the left menu.
  • Under “MCD Request User,” click “Create and Manage MCD Requests” and then “New MCD Request.”
  • Complete fields and click “Save.”
  • Click “Add Employee” and add all employees to whom this request applies.
    • Note: If you have a device that is available to your department’s faculty/staff on a check-out basis, a “Check-out basis” option is available in the Employee Name field. Note that this only applies if the device is truly not assigned to any particular staff. If a device is assigned to multiple people (e.g., that work different shifts), please list all users.
  • Click “Add Device” and add all devices to which this request applies.
  • When all fields are complete, click “Submit Request.” An automated email will be sent to your Department Head directing them to log into ARCHIBUS to review and approve the MCD request.
  • Once your Department Head approves the request, the form will automatically be forwarded to Financial Services for final approval.
  • If the MCD request is rejected by the Department Head or by Financial Services, an automated email will be sent to the Financial Account Manager (FAM) informing them of this status.

*See the Facilities Information Systems website for more information about FAMs.

Once approved, the department may procure devices as follows:
  • Financial Services will notify the requester and Department Head that the request has been approved and that the department may move forward with purchasing and issuing the devices and setting up the associated service plans.
  • Departments should use the statewide term contract when purchasing MCDs and/or services (See Statewide IT Contracts, “Cellular Telephone Service and Equipment”, Contract 915A).
    • If your department does not have an existing account with Verizon Wireless, to be covered under the state contract terms, you will be required to submit the following documentation:
      • Proof of approval from Financial Services – a copy of the email received when the MCD request has been approved by Financial Services in ARCHIBUS will fulfill this requirement
      • Assumption of Liability Authorization
      • Also, note that a primary and secondary Point of Contact (POC) is required for each account
  • Financial Services recommends the use of a University Purchasing Card to pay for authorized ongoing service charges for University-owned devices.

Departments may choose to purchase University-owned MCDs if all of the following requirements are met:
  • Proper business justification exists.
  • Approval is received from the Department Head and the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs or his/her designee (via the ARCHIBUS approval process outlined above). This will also ensure that the Controller’s Office is notified.
  • Administration of the device and service costs associated with the device (including payment of monthly bills) is managed by the issuing Department.
Ongoing Responsibilities:
  • Departmental Policies: Employees are required to follow their Department’s internal policies and procedures related to such devices.
  • Documentation: Departments must retain records of all University MCDs and to whom they are assigned. All monthly statements and related information are subject to review by Internal Audit and must be retained by the Department in accordance with University Policy 605.3, Retention, Disposition and Security of University Records, which currently requires retention of telephone billings for three fiscal years.
  • Changes to Existing Devices: If any changes occur in the status of issued MCDs (e.g., devices are upgraded), these changes must be entered into ARCHIBUS to ensure accurate data for State reporting purposes. Changes to the Device Description, Device Cost, and/or Monthly Plan Cost will not need to be rerouted for approval.
  • Review of Usage: University-owned MCDs are considered University property and should be used for business purposes only.  Per OSBM Budget Manual §5.10.1, “Telephone and Mobile Device Usage,” supervisors of employees using University-owned MCDs must review the use of devices at least annually to re-justify the business need for each University-owned device that has been issued, and can consider more stringent measures such as reviewing monthly billing statements. Monthly telecommunication vendor bills must be reviewed before payment is issued to ensure errors, waste, and fraud are eliminated or addressed in an appropriate manner.  Under-utilized devices or high-cost devices must be terminated or replaced with more cost-effective alternatives. And supervisors must ensure non de minimis personal use of state-funded MCDs is prohibited.
  • All usage on a University-owned MCD must comply with the University’s Information Technology (IT) policies.  Please refer to University Policy 602.10, Mobile Communication Devices and related supplemental procedures for additional information.
  • An employee who is issued a University-owned MCD must return the device to his or her employing Department upon termination from employment or change of duty status.
  • When devices are disposed of or use is otherwise discontinued, this should be indicated in ARCHIBUS by clicking "Inactivate Request" on the device listing to ensure accurate data for State reporting purposes.
  • Disposals of University-owned devices must follow University Policy 601.10, Surplus Property Procedures.
  • If a University-owned device is lost or stolen, the employee to whom the MCD is issued must contact his or her supervisor immediately.
Contact for additional questions:
  • For questions related to these procedures, contact the Assistant Controller-Compliance within the Controller's Office.
  • For questions regarding service for your MCD, please contact your service provider (e.g., Verizon, Sprint) directly:
    • Verizon Wireless contact for University accounts: Brad Friang, Government Account Manager, 919-607-0568
    • Sprint contact for University accounts: 866-768-9410


Last updated: 5/10/18, 4/23/19