Other Reimbursements (Non-Travel), How to Pay

Payment method:

Use a Direct Pay Request (DPR) if the recipient is a:
  • Current UNC Charlotte employee
  • Student
For reimbursements to other individuals, please contact the Tax Office. 

Rationale and other considerations:

Payment of non-travel reimbursements of expenses incurred (and not for services performed) should be initiated by submitting a Direct Pay Request (DPR). This facilitates appropriate review and approval by Financial Services and helps ensure amounts paid are properly tracked for tax reporting purposes.   
How to do it:
  1. Download the Direct Pay Request (DPR) Form and complete according to the form instructions.
  2. Submit the completed form to Travel & Complex Payments according the instructions listed on the form.  

Contact for additional questions:

Send an email to the Travel mailbox at travel@uncc.edu, or refer to the list of contacts on the Travel & Complex Payments website.