Rental Car, How to Procure and Pay

When traveling on University business, a rental vehicle is one mode of ground transportation that can be utilized and below are the two options for reserving a rental vehicle for University business via 49er Mart. Please note that a signed Travel Authorization should be on file before processing a requisition for travel expenses.

Direct Billing - Enterprise
With this option, the university is billed for the rental and the Travel Accounts Payable Office handles payment.

Purchasing Card or Employee Pay – Enterprise and National Car Rental
With this option, the employee will pay for the rental vehicle with a purchasing card (cardholder must present the card when picking up a vehicle) or personally and then seek reimbursement.

To access the Enterprise website for either of these options follow this step by step guidance:

  1. Log into 49er Mart at
  2. Enter “Enterprise” in the Shop search box and click the Go button.
  3. Enterprise Vehicle Rental will be displayed. Select the “More Info” button to view the ordering instructions.
  4. Review the ordering instructions and then click on one of the blue “Enterprise” links to access the booking website.

A requisition must be created before placing a Direct Billing order with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The order will still be completed on the Enterprise website but will use the P# as a reference instead of a T#. Below is step by step instructions on how to fill out the Direct Billing process via 49er Mart.

  1. Visit Enterprise Rent-A-Car via 49er Mart and get an estimate for the vehicle rental.
  2. Complete a Travel Authorization form.
  3. Create a non-catalog requisition in 49er Mart and attach a signed PDF of the Travel Authorization form and a quote from Enterprise, as an internal attachment, to the order.
  4. Once a PO is created, make note of the PO number (i.e., P1234567).
  5. Visit Enterprise Rent-A-Car via 49er Mart and read the ordering instructions. Select the Direct Bill option and create the order using the PO number noted in step 4.

Note: Enterprise Rent-A-Car will send the invoice directly to Accounts Payable for payment.

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