Kronos Workforce Ready Customer Support

Contact Information

  • Please contact your Departmental Timekeeper.
    • If your Departmental Timekeeper cannot provide guidance, they will forward your question to the Kronos WFR Support Team.
  • If you are experiencing system-related issues, or have questions or feedback, email
  • For additional guidance contact the Kronos WFR System Administrator, Donna Cochran, at 704-687-6110.

Online Resources

Google Calendar to view Kronos WFR Time Periods

  • Use this calendar to help keep track of Kronos WFR pay periods and related sign-off deadlines!
  • From your Google calendar, select the drop-down arrow next to Other calendars.
  • Select Add by URL.
  • Copy and paste this URL into the blank field in the pop-up window:
  • Select Add Calendar

Kronos WFR Leave Offsetting Policy Calculator/Examples

  • Use this calculator and accompanying examples to help apply the state's Leave Offsetting Policy in Kronos WFR.
  • Click this link to open a view-only Google Sheet.
  • Go to File > Make a Copy
  • Save the file to your Google Drive with your desired file name (e.g., "Copy of Kronos WFR leave offsetting calc").
  • Enter the relevant information into the yellow cells, making sure to enter a colon between the hours and minutes (e.g., 40:00).

Last updated: 5/09/16