Kronos Workforce Ready Timekeeping Project

About: Kronos Workforce Ready automates time and leave reporting

UNC Charlotte completed rolling out a program using Kronos Workforce Ready (WFR) as the time and leave reporting system of record for its leave-earning employees July 2016. This program offers university employees an efficient, effective tool for tracking and reporting key employee data, providing a central, standard process for human resource and payroll management.


Implementation of the Kronos WFR project began in the fall of 2014, with additional departments added to the system at regular intervals. Roll-out of the pilot program completed in fall of 2015 with approximately 950 employees using Kronos WFR. After assessment of the pilot phase, the Chancellor and the Cabinet approved campus-wide roll-out of the system, which was completed July 2016.

Implementation timeline

More information about Kronos WFR:

Goal: Consolidate and automate the process of time collection for all UNC Charlotte employees.

UNC Charlotte implemented the Kronos WFR pilot to improve the following current labor management processes at the University:

  • Increase operational efficiencies and create financial and energy savings by implementing a structured workforce management system, which will reduce/eliminate the large amounts of paper and ink currently used.
  • Increase accountability and accuracy of timekeeping records.
  • Decrease University risk for wage and hour compliance by providing consistent application of FLSA rules.
  • Consistently track and monitor compensatory time, overtime, on-call and call-back time, and other work that results in premium pay throughout the University.
  • Implement leave reporting, adding stronger internal controls on a current completely manual paper-based leave request process.
  • Improve reporting and optimize human resources: Automate, collect, retain, and report centrally with real-time visibility on operational issues affecting the overall management of the UNC Charlotte workforce and bottom-line payroll.
  • Standardize by implementing best practices throughout the University.

These goals correspond with the University's Mission Statement: “To achieve a leadership position in higher education, we will: Serve as faithful stewards of the public and private resources entrusted to us and provide effective and efficient administrative services that exceed the expectations of our diverse constituencies,” along with Institutional Goal 3.5: “Improve the readiness of human resources and our academic, administrative, physical, and technological infrastructure to efficiently and responsibly operate an urban research university serving 35,000 students.”

Kronos WFR communication updates

Current Users

Current users can log in to Kronos WFR at to access timesheets, request and approve time off, etc. User guides are currently located within this portal as well under My Company > Documents.

Note that exempt employees can access Kronos WFR remotely without using a VPN. Non-exempt employees need to be connected to the University's network (either on campus or through VPN) to log in.

Visit the Kronos WFR FAQ page for answers to common questions, or refer to the Kronos WFR Customer Support guidance. 


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Last updated: 7/26/16