Reviewing Adjustments to Travel Payments in Banner

Notes are placed in Banner any time an adjustment is made to a travel payment.  Below are the Banner forms that allow you to view those notes and obtain more information regarding the payment adjustment. 

  • Banner form FAIVNDH
    • Using the traveler’s UNC Charlotte ID number, this form allows you to view the traveler’s payment history and to obtain the invoice number for a payment.
    • Column “Vendor Invoice” displays the travel dates and payment type.
      • Examples of vendor invoice coding:
        • 0616-061810 TR = Travel Reimbursement for travel dates 6/16/10 to 6/18/10
        • 0716-072010 PA = Prepaid Airfare for travel dates 07/16/10 – 07/20/10
      • Note the invoice number under the “Invoice” column.  Invoice numbers start with the letter “I” followed by a zero and then a series of numbers (e.g. I0123456)
  • Banner form FAIINVE
    • Using the invoice number, this form allows you to view notes about a payment.
      • Enter the invoice number, then “Next Block” which displays the Invoice/Credit Memo Header.
      • Click “Options” then “Document Text (FOATEXT)” and this will display notes regarding any adjustment that was made to the payment and information regarding a payment to a vendor if relevant.

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