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Treasury Services

Treasury Services provides financial management, administration, and department assistance for supporting programmatic funds (exclusive of state appropriations) for the University including funds from University endowments and trust funds from the affiliated organizations. The department provides central accounting services to the financial affiliates which are the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Foundation, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Athletic Foundation, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Investment Fund, Facilities Development Corporation, and the Institute for Social Capital.

Fax:     704-687-5371

Name Position Phone Email
Director 704-687-5432704-687-5432
Assistant Director 704-687-5806704-687-5806
Foundation Accounting Manager 704-687-5809704-687-5809
Assistant Foundation Accountant 704-687-5810704-687-5810
Vacant Endowment Accounting Manager 704-687-5807704-687-5807  
Foundation Specialist 704-687-5808704-687-5808
Financial Reporting and Outreach Analyst 704-687-5811704-687-5811

Treasury Services News

  • The Office of Grants & Contracts Administration is now part of Research & Economic Development. The Endowment & Related Entities unit remains in Financial Services and is now known as Treasury Services.
  • The Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act (UMIFA) was repealed on March 9, 2009 and The Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA) became law in North Carolina.  With this change, NC joined a majority of states to modernize the standards for management and investment of endowment funds. The new flexible spending rule depends on the governing board’s interpretation of prudence. 

              UPMIFA identifies seven factors of prudence that must be considered:
              1.  duration and preservation of the fund
              2.  purposes of the nonprofit and the fund
              3.  general economic conditions
              4.  possible effect of inflation or deflation
              5.  expected total return from investing
              6.  other resources of the nonprofit
              7.  the nonprofit’s investment policy